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Do you need a routine checkup? Is your furry friend not feeling well? Contact Greenwich Veterinary Services for complete veterinary care.

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Brantford’s Veterinary Hospital: Greenwich Veterinary Services

Your pets are more than simply animals — they’re beloved members of your family. That’s why at Greenwich Veterinary Services, we make it our mission to provide them with the experienced medical care they deserve. For routine appointments, vaccinations, and more in Brantford, we’re committed to keeping your furry loved ones happy and healthy. We’re animal lovers and owners, too, so nothing makes us happier than seeing their friendly tail wags and hearing their contented purrs! Our services include:

Our services include

  • Puppy and kitten care

  • Risk assessment vaccinations

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Microchip implantation

  • Dentistry

  • Spay/neuter surgery

  • Comprehensive surgical facility

  • Cardiology

  • Isolation ward

  • 24-hour hospitalization

  • Onsite diagnostic equipment including blood testing and digital radiology

Personalized Veterinary Services

If you’re concerned about your pet’s dental health, diet, or energy level, you can speak to our veterinarian to get personalized recommendations. We’ll look after their healthy teeth, gums, weight, and joints. Let us know if you’ve noticed any troubling symptoms and we’ll do a thorough examination to determine what may be causing your pet’s discomfort. Contact our office to book your appointment today! Our vets at Greenwich Veterinary Services are happy to accept emergency patients and will do our best to get your loved one seen in a timely manner.

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Wellness Checks

Prevention is crucial to your pet’s overall health.


Need an Exam?

Is your pet acting lethargic? Read how we can help.

Dogs and Cats


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