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Providing Vet Care in Brantford: Greenwich Veterinary Services

Greenwich Veterinary Services is a full-service animal hospital, offering a wide-range of veterinary medical services for our patients. Whether you’re looking for help with wellness and vaccination programs, preventative care, or specific health concerns, we strive to provide the veterinary services you need. When it comes to the health of your pet, regular vet visits and exams are crucial. Regular dental exams and cleanings are especially important because animals rely heavily on their mouths, and poor oral hygiene can cause many problems for pets.

Preventative and Well-being Care

Puppy and kitten examinations and care guidance
Vaccination titer-level testing
Flea, tick, and heartworm prevention and solutions
Behavioral problem guidance
Pet travel examinations and certificates
Dog friendly area
Dentistry and oral surgery
Individualized vaccination programs
Primary medical care for young and adult pets
Nutritional counseling
Senior and geriatric pet care and management
Microchip – permanent electronic identification
Spay and neuter surgery
Digital x-rays
Electrocautery, for removal of small skin growths

For the comfort of your pet, and your convenience, we also provide/offer:

Drop-off or “Day-Stay” appointments
Priority hours for feline patients
Dedicated waiting area for shy or nervous pets

Book a Consultation

Contact our office to book your appointment today! We are happy to accept emergency patients and will do our best to get your loved one seen in a timely manner.

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